Yard Cleaning

Your yard and garden are the first representation of you and your home. While we try our best to keep our yards tidy and well kept, fall and winter storms can be especially detrimental to even the most sincere efforts.

Fortunately, J&F Junk Removal provides you with a comprehensive junk removal service so that you don’t have to perform yard cleaning yourself. After all, who wants to spend their weekends bagging and raking up stray leaves and debris? Instead of using your precious free time, let J&F Junk Removal do what we do best. With junk hauling and waste disposal services, we can have your home back to its original glory in no time at all. After all, your property is more than just a house with a yard; it’s your home.

For more information about our residential junk removal or to request a free quote, please call J&F Junk Removal in Des Plaines, IL at (224) 243-3293 today!